Most cannabis users are aware of the many benefits of cannabis leaves, stems and buds, but did you know that cannabis root also has many medicinal properties? We will discuss the history of cannabis root use, list its benefits, the compounds it contains, the many ways to use root, and cultivation and processing techniques. Cannabis Phuket delivery present.

The Many Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Root

Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Root

Long history of medicinal use
liver protector
Has many current applications
Can eradicate cancer cells by apotosis
Maintains healthy cell membranes
Relieves burns, cuts and skin irritations
Properties may vary depending on the strain
Reduces fever
Gastrointestinal protection
Treats bacterial infections and toxins
Treats gout
Contains traces of cannabinoids and is not psychoactive

Historical background of cannabis root

The use of cannabis root was mentioned in a Chinese herbal publication as early as 2700 BC. The root has been dried and ground into a paste as an analgesic for broken bones and post-surgical procedures. Fresh cannabis root juice was also used in ancient China for medicinal purposes.

The Roman physician, Dioscorides, described the use of boiled weed root in a poultice to treat inflammation and gout.

In the 1600s it was reportedly used in Indonesia to treat gonorrhea as well as gout. weed root was also mixed with other compounds to treat sick sheep.

In Argentina in the 1960s, weed root was used to reduce fever, treat dysentery, stomach ailments, and was considered an important supplement for maintaining good health and well-being.
Cannabis Root Applications

The root was used both internally and externally using the following methods:

Dried and ground into a powder and mixed with the juice to form a paste
Powdered and mixed with wine
Decoction which is an oil extraction process
Topically as a poultice, as a compress, mixed with balms and creams
Food added
Used intrarectally

Compounds found in cannabis root

The terpenes found in the root are different from those found in the resin glands of the flower and in the leaves, seeds, stems and stems. One of their main functions is to deter predators from attacking the plant. This is achieved through their bitterness.
Pentacyclic triterpene ketones

A group of terpene-based compounds is containing the following properties:

Can kill cancer cells
Contains immunomodulatory properties


A triterpene is a type of hydrocarbon compound made up of three terpenes, found in cannabis root. The two most important triterpenes in root are friedelin and epifriedelanol.

It was first discovered in cork and has several health benefits:

Anti-inflammatory properties
Can treat osteoarthritis
May have an antiproliferative effect on cancer cells
Promotes liver health


Tissue anti-aging
Anticancer properties through apoptosis, especially in cervical cells


Carvone has been shown to inhibit pain sensation


They can also be found in dill and spearmint and give a minty flavor


Choline helps maintain the health of cell membranes., So that messages received by cells are transmitted efficiently. It is an essential nutrient for liver, nerve and brain health. Postmenopausal women are very susceptible to choline deficiency which can be restored by drinking rat cannabis. Other sterols include sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol, all of which have LDL cholesterol lowering properties.